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Practice areas

Providing professional legal support and litigation services to Pell City, AL

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy can be overwhelming and complex. Whether you are facing foreclosure or looking to stop harassing phone calls, we are here to help. Bill has helped countless families through the years, and has the knowledge and expertise to help you through your bankruptcy.

It's not too late to get a fresh start. Call us today for your free bankruptcy consultation.

Family law

Paperwork for litigation in Pell City, AL
Family law always comes with underlying emotion from all involved. That's why William A McWhorter in Pell City handles each case with the respect and care it deserves. Whether it's probate court or another area of family law we can help.
We offer legal support and litigation that ensures that our client is comfortable and happy with how we proceed and do our best to achieve justice.

Real Estate law

Estate law paperwork and litigation in Pell City, AL
Real estate law often causes confusion and anger when issues arise. Most citizens do not understand their rights and often face irrational opposition in these instances. We can also draw up and execute wills. Leave the legalities to us, and you can get on with your life sooner and with more peace of mind.
Sometimes, there is a need for litigation. William A McWhorter are here to help set everything straight and ensure that our clients in Pell City are treated fairly.

Criminal law

police car in Pell City, AL
If you've been convicted of a crime, it's essential that you find an experienced lawyer to represent you in court. We will stand by your side and fight your case for the best outcome.
You can trust that we will provide you the best litigation support in Pell City and help ensure no parties are treating you unfairly and taking advantage of you. If a situation arises, and you're in need of a criminal law attorney, you can be confident in our abilities to represent you in court and help you understand the confusing legal terms the law & court system.
To litigate means “to carry on a legal contest by judicial process”. Being in a court room facing a judge, or jury, or both, can be an intimidating and very stressful experience. And no matter how well prepared you may think you are, you may find yourself forgetting everything you prepared to say when litigation begins. William A McWhorter is here to provide you with experienced legal professionals who won't buckle under pressure, and who will ensure that you get the best possible representation so you may receive a fair and just outcome.
Our law firm in Pell City, AL can deal with a wide range of legal matters. William A McWhorter will help get to the bottom of the issue and ensure you are fairly represented. You can call our knowledgeable attorneys to find out if we are the right team for your case. 
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